Day Four
An Interview with Sharon Salzberg
Mindfulness of Thoughts

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • How mindfulness meditation can support true happiness
  • How the process of mindful acceptance supports transformation and change
  • How your mind can create limiting stories that create fear and suffering in your life and how to set yourself free from the storylines
  • How to bring mindfulness to anger and make better decisions when you’re triggered
  • How mindfulness meditation can make you more courageous
Sharon Salzberg


The lovingkindness practice can be integrated into your life by practising it whilst you are moving through different experiences in your day. This is mindfulness in action.

Here are ten examples where you could experiment with shorter, self-guided lovingkindness meditation:

1. After having an emotionally charged conversation with a friend or family member
2. When waiting for a medical test to come back
3. Before public speaking (practise lovingkindness to the audience)
4. When feeling angry
5. When waiting in queues (supermarkets, airports, traffic lights)
6. When walking down the street (silently send an intention of lovingkindness to a stranger that passes by)
7. On public transport at peak hour (find the most stressed- looking person and send it to them)
8. Before a difficult conversation with your boss or an employee
9. After your children have triggered you into reactivity
10.When you see a homeless person on the street and feel a sense of hopelessness

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