POP Day One
What is mindfulness?
An introduction


Although mindfulness seems like a recent trend, it has its origins in Buddhist contemplative practices from about two and a half thousand years ago. Science is just discovering what the monks have known for centuries – that mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool for inner transformation.

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention in day to day life that supports you to be more present to your inner and outer experience.

It helps you stay focussed on what you are doing and is a powerful antidote to the distractible nature of the mind and the information-overload in our digital world. When practised regularly, it brings more calm, creativity and effectiveness into everyday life, reducing stress and enhancing our mind’s capabilities.


The body scan meditation is the first step to becoming more mindful by connecting to the present moment through tuning into our senses. It also promotes relaxation, which is an important first step in settling the mind into its natural state of calm.

Mindfulness meditation is not a complex practice – the main challenge is doing it regularly so you can experience the benefits. It’s like a form of fitness training for your mind, and just like physical fitness, when you start training there can be a lot of resistance. So don’t be surprised if this first week of the course is a bit difficult.


Try and record your observations
after each meditation practice

– this will not only help you to stay more focussed during your meditation, but over time you will notice how your practice is progressing.

stay on track

Mark off your daily meditation here


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