Day One
Mindfulness of Sounds

Today we begin the week with a new mindfulness practice.

This week we explore a mindfulness practice that directs our attention out into the world. This practice is mindfulness of sounds. In these meditations we use sound as the focus of our attention and just like the breath or the body practice, when our minds get distracted we come back to sounds as the anchor for our attention.


Apart from this formal meditation you can start to use sounds in your environment as a way to focus your mind during the hectic pace of a day.

If you work – try stepping outside in your lunch break and going for a mindful walk. As you walk focus your attention on sounds around you and when your mind gets caught up in thinking, let the thoughts go and come back to the sounds.

By integrating mindfulness into everyday life, you are going to be reinforcing the practice and developing the neural pathways that support greater focus and ability to let go of thinking when it is not serving you.

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