Day Five
Meditation In Silence

Guided meditations are a necessary part of learning how to meditate. However, as you become more experienced with the guidance it can be valuable to try out practising in silence and being your own guide.

As you get familiar with being your own internal guide, you develop the freedom to meditate at any given moment or in any situation, without the need for a device or headphones.

“Meditation is the ultimate mobile device. You can use it anywhere, anytime, unobstrusively.”
~ Sharon Salzberg

Today try and practice the mindfulness of thought meditation on your own

with either the ten minute bell or the twenty minute bell below.

Whenever you are practising without guidance just remember these simple steps as a way to guide yourself:

1. Intention
– Bring your intention to mind to strengthen your motivation and effort

2. Respiration 
– Take some deep breaths to gather your attention into the present moment

3. Relaxation
– Actively scan through the body using the outbreath to relax the body

4. Attention 
– Focus on your chosen object of meditation (ie the breath, body, sound thoughts)

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