Day Two
An Interview with Dr Richie Davidson
An introduction

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • The fascinating research he has done investigating the impact of mindfulness on our physical and mental wellbeing
  • The concept that wellbeing is a skill that we can improve
  • An incredible finding around how mindfulness can transform us at a genetic level
  • His predictions about the future of mindfulness in our society
Dr Richie Davidson


How was your first meditation? What did you notice? Did you fall asleep? Or maybe you noticed agitation or boredom? Did you print out the meditation journal from yesterday?

Practising mindfulness can be difficult at first as you start to become more aware of the distractible nature of the mind. Noticing this is the first step to developing mindfulness, that is, the capacity to tune in and be aware of what’s happening from moment to moment.

As time goes by, with more regular practice, you can develop the capacity to have mindful moments in daily life, not simply when you’re meditating.

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