Day Four
An interview with Dr Rick Hanson

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • The concept of “experience-dependant neuroplastictity” and its connection to mindfulness meditation
  • The difference between mental states and traits and how we can create enduring positive change around our outlook
  • How mindfulness can help us develop “shock absorbers” against stress
  • A powerful practice called “taking in the good” that can re-wire your brain towards greater happiness and offset the negativity bias.
Dr Rick Hanson

How did you find the new FOCUS meditation from yesterday?

Today, we’re going to explore how we can start creating mental habits that build greater positivity into your life with Rick Hanson, psychologist, mindfulness teacher and bestselling author of Hardwiring Happiness.


This week as a way of starting to create positive habits of mind and balance out the negativity bias, try the “taking in the good” practice (which Rick describes in his interview) by noting down one pleasant event each day in your journal or on your phone if it’s easier.

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Here are five steps to “taking in the good”:

  • Recognise when you are having a pleasant experience (it can be as simple as having a hot shower of feeling the sun on your back on a beach walk)
  • Tune in to the body notice how it feels? What sensations can you feel in your body?
  • Tune in to your emotional state – label the emotion quietly to yourself ie. grateful, content, happy, joyous, uplifted, relaxed
  • Tune in to your senses to take in the surroundings – take in the sounds, sights, sensations
  • Take four mindful breaths to absorb the pleasant event and “install” it into your system
  • Write the pleasant event down (on a phone if it’s easier) as a way of remembering and noticing the good in your daily life

We can use mindfulness practices to rewire our brains towards greater happiness and appreciation in life by bringing these simple, yet powerful practices of awareness into our daily life. Our experience in life is not only governed by what happens, but also by where we choose to focus our attention.


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