Week Two
Sharpen Your Focus + Make Habits Stick

Welcome to week two of the power of presence.

This week we’re deepening our focus and attention through a new meditation practice – the mindfulness of breath practice.

Now, unlike the body scan where we move our attention around the body, in this practice we choose one place to focus our attention, and that’s on the feeling of the breath in the body. By keeping our attention in one place we’re really going to deepen and develop our capacity to focus and be present, both in meditation, but more importantly in all areas of our life.

You may be wondering why we focus on the breath of all things?

There are a few good reasons for this. Firstly, the breath is always with us, so it’s a reliable anchor for our attention and helps reconnect us to the present moment when we’re lost in stories, thinking or stress.

Secondly, as you become more familiar with your breath, it becomes a powerful doorway into managing your stress levels. You’ll start to recognise the difference in how the breath feels when you’re calm or stressed, and this growing awareness will help you tune in and quickly take action to reset and create calm, before your stress spirals out of control.

Enjoy the week and remember

to record your observations in the meditation journal to help you stay on track.