Day Three
Mindfulness Of Thoughts Meditation


Are they:

– Like a radio with a constant internal narrator
– Like a movie with random images
– Like reading words in a book
– Diffuse, abstract and colourful or black and white

Perhaps you are having trouble detecting any thoughts at all? Or maybe you’ve discovered that when you now try to observe thoughts, they don’t seem to arrive? The mind is an interesting phenomenon.

As we learn to relate to thoughts from the observer position, our thoughts begin to have less power over our moods, emotions and behaviours. We start to become master, rather than slave of our mind. This is how mindfulness starts to really support greater freedom and possibility in our lives.


Today try this exercise.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and sit in silence with your eyes closed. Now wait for thoughts to arise and as they come and go, simply observe them as if they were clouds in the sky, always changing and impermanent. Observe the content and flow of the thoughts without losing your sense of being the observer. Whilst you are witnessing the thought stream, see if you can remember what the mind is doing.

When the timer ends, spend a few minutes writing down whatever thought streams you recall. By doing this exercise you will be strengthening your capacity to observe thoughts – which is a fundamental aspect of mindfulness training.

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