Day Three
Common Questions about
Mindfulness Meditation

This meditation is an alternative to the body scan meditation but still invites you to keep your attention on the sensations in the body. Try it out and see how you find it.


As Dr Richie Davidson shared yesterday, even practising for a few minutes across the day can be beneficial.

So today in addition to the new meditation above, here is a micro meditation that you can experiment with by doing it at different times throughout the day.

Try this practice and see what you find.

*click play to listen to the meditation

It’s a helpful way of pausing amidst the chaos and catching your breath. The great thing about the one minute meditation, is that there really is no excuse for not finding one minute in the day to practise.


I invite you to take a few moments today to  do this free flow reflective writing exercise. Get a pen and paper now and set a timer for 5 minutes. The idea of this exercise is not to think too hard but to keep the pen flowing.

Reflect on this question:

“What I find most nourishing in life is…. (take 2 minutes to write this out)

“What makes me feel depleted is…. (take 2 minutes to write this out)


Commit to scheduling one thing that nourishes you for the rest of this week. Share what you are going to do in the FB community group to help stay accountable with the hashtag #mindfulaction in your post. Remember, you can find the Facebook community by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page “SUPPORT COMMUNITY"

stay on track

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