Week Three
Manage Stress + Master Your Emotions


We are approaching the half way mark of the program and this is where motivation can start to wane.

If you’ve managed to practise as you’d intended – take a moment to acknowledge your efforts.

If you’ve fallen off track – don’t get down on yourself, just simply commit to beginning again.

So far we have been building our capacity to pay attention to our experience with full presence and with an attitude of kindness to ourselves.

You’ve been building your mindfulness muscle and expanding your capacity to notice and observe what is happening from moment to moment within yourself.

This skill of paying attention to what is happening inside us – be that emotional states, moods, thoughts, or body sensations – is the first step in becoming better at managing our own emotions and stress.

Mindfulness is really the foundation for developing a greater capacity to recognise, understand and manage our own emotions and relationships with more wisdom and effectiveness.

This kind of intelligence is often referred to as our emotional intelligence and there has been a lot of research by people like Daniel Goleman, around the importance of emotional intelligence in supporting us to be successful and fulfilled not only in our personal lives, but also at work and particularly in the field of leadership.

So this week we are going to explore

how mindfulness can support us in managing stress, managing difficult emotions and giving us tools to improve our relationships both personally and professionally.