Day One
Mindfulness of Thoughts

Today we explore a new meditation – mindfulness of thoughts.

This is a more advanced practice where we actually turn the spotlight of our attention to the flow of thought itself, observing thoughts as they come and go, just like sounds.

This practice is where mindfulness starts to really be a powerful tool for transformation. It offers a radically new way of relating to your thoughts which creates an opening for more freedom to respond wisely rather than reactively to life’s challenges.

We often relate to thoughts as if they were our reality, rather than a mere representation of our reality. We can spend our whole lives imprisoned by our own self-limiting beliefs and unproductive thinking patterns. Practising mindfulness of thoughts enables us to observe thoughts rather than be completely pulled into their story line.

We can’t control what thoughts arise in the mind, but we can decide how we relate to these thoughts – and that makes a huge difference.

Enjoy todays meditation. But remember, this is a challenging practice and it can take time for it to click. So stick with it this week.

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.
~ William James

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