Week Six
Enhancing Happiness


First of all, I want to congratulate you for making it to the last week of The Power of Presence.

If you’ve reached this final week and you’ve been doing the daily practices, you’ll be feeling the benefits that mindfulness can have on the different aspects of your life.

We’ve focused on different practices to help sharpen and develop your mind towards greater focus, clarity and calm.

This week, we bring the program to a close by exploring practices that can actively create more positive emotions in your daily life

and boost your happiness and wellbeing.

You’ll hear from some leading experts in the field of positive psychology who have spent their careers researching and writing about the impact of emotions on our wellbeing. You’ll also learn some practices to help build more gratitude and appreciation into your life, both key foundations for developing greater happiness.

There are two powerful meditation practices for this week. The first is the lovingkindness practice which will help you bring more self compassion and empathy into your life the second practice is a happiness meditation.

Let's enjoy our final week together via the power of presence