Week Four
Grow Resilience, Self-Compassion + Creativity


This week we move to the themes of resilience, self compassion and creativity.

Resilience is the capacity to cope with change and bounce back when we’re faced with difficulties in life. As a doctor trained in psychiatry I was always fascinated by the capacity of some patients to recover and bounce back from the most difficult challenges, whilst others would really have trouble getting themselves back on track.

Building resilience protects us from the impact of life’s inevitable challenges, and the good news is, mindfulness has been shown to support greater resilience.

recent study highlighting the link between mindfulness and resilience found that mindful people can cope better with difficult thoughts and emotions, without becoming overwhelmed. It suggested that being able to pause and observe the mind, could help us stop getting stuck in our stories, which add another layer of suffering onto our challenges.

This week you’re going to hear from one of the worlds leading experts in the field of self compassion,

Kristin Neff, who’ll share some powerful practices that will help you bring self compassion to difficult times and as a result build greater resilience.

Another important ingredient to resilience is our creativity. When facing difficult times, coming up with new ideas or solutions, gives us the confidence to trust that no matter what life brings us, we’ll find a way to get through it.

We’ll explore how mindfulness can support greater creativity in Susan Piver’s interview. Finally, Daniel Siegel writer and psychiatrist, will explore the role of acceptance in developing more emotional balance and resilience.

This week you’ll be introduced to a compassion meditation and have an opportunity to consolidate and revisit the practices you’ve found most helpful from the previous weeks.

Enjoy the week and make the most of our remaining time together.