Day Seven
How did you go in week two?
Watch this short video for a mindful check
in on the week

Congratulations on completing another week of the Power of Presence.

If you’ve managed to do the mindfulness of breath practice every day you’re probably starting to get the hang of it.

Today I offer you a bonus meditation. This meditation is one that was recorded by me on one of the live online calls before the course started. It is a 20 minute practice so if you feel like doing a longer practice try it out.

Don’t forget to meditate today

Or this one is the 10 minute breath practice from earlier in the week if you don’t have the time for a longer one today…

Ten minute mindfulness of breath by Elise Bialylew

*click play to listen to the meditation

Through the guest interviews over this week, we explored the idea of the brains negativity bias.

You heard from Rick Hanson, about how we can bring practices into our life, like the “taking in the good” to consciously bring our awareness to the pleasant and positive experiences in our lives and in doing so, gradually re-wire our brains towards greater happiness.

These practices only work if they are done regularly, and so the tips that BJ Fogg shared, including his main tip of starting small when creating new habits will support you as you move through the next few weeks.

Take a few moments to reflect on any of the big lessons or insights you have gained from this week in your meditation journal. And I’ll see you tomorrow for the next week of our training where we move to a new theme and a new meditation.


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