Day Two
Mindfulness and managing emotions
with Tara Brach

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • How mindfulness can support us in managing fear
  • A powerful technique to bring mindfulness and self compassion to difficult emotional moments
  • How mindfulness can support us in relationships with others
  • How mindfulness can reduce stress through transforming the way we think
Tara Brach


Try out the R.A.I.N exercise that Tara shares in the interview the next time you experience a difficult emotion.

Here are the steps for you to remember:

R – Recognise
A – Allow
I – Investigate
N – Not-identified

You can practice R.A.I.N either in your own mind OR you can try actually writing reflections down retrospectively when you have been hit with an unpleasant emotion.

I really encourage you to try this throughout the week. Make a note in your journal or if easier on your phone and you’ll start to notice patterns around your emotional triggers.

Becoming more aware of your emotional triggers and taking the time to process difficult emotions are the steps required to become master of your emotions rather than slave to them.

Don’t forget to meditate today


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