Day One
A New Meditation
Mindfulness of Breath Meditation


This week we move into a new practice which brings us to more sharply focussing on the breath. We will also be exploring how we can create a habit of meditation with a really interesting guest interview tomorrow.

The body scan invited you to move your attention around the body whereas this breath practice is about starting to stabilise your attention to be in one place.

Be willing to be a beginner, every single morning.
~ Meister Eckhart

Practising the new breath meditation today will help you train your brain to become better at focussing and observing.

This is a skill that will translate into everyday life as you become better at noticing what is happening from moment to moment, both in relation to your inner emotional world and in relationship with others.

Noticing, is the first step to freeing ourselves from automatic habits and finding more skilful ways of navigating through life.

Just like physical exercise, which requires muscle to meet resistance in order for strength to develop, the distraction you experience in meditation can be likened to the resistance you experience at gym. It’s the ability and discipline to bring your attention back when it has wandered, that is the key to strengthening your mental muscle of attention and focus.

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