Day One
Lovingkindness Practice

In this final week of the Power of Presence we are going to be introducing meditations that call upon our capacity for imagination.

Todays practice, the lovingkindness meditation, is an opportunity to stop and consciously bring appreciation and compassion to ourselves and others.

I must confess when I was first introduced to this practice, I found it awkward and a bit forced. I remember I didn’t really get the purpose of it and it felt a bit airy fairy. However, it has become a practice I really turn to especially when I’m going through challenging times or experiencing difficulties in relationships either personal or professional relationships.

The practice is a beautiful way of reminding ourselves of the truth of our interdependence and interconnectedness.

Through it we connect with the universal desire we have as humans for happiness and our shared vulnerability living in the face of constant change.

Talk to yourself,
like you would talk to someone
you love.
~ Brene Brown

This week you are going to learn about the impact that positive emotions can have on your health and in your life more broadly.

We will explore how to intentionally create these emotional states in life to build more compassion, empathy, connection, love and gratitude.

The lovingkindness practice is also another way of calming the mind, but rather than anchoring our attention to the breath or thoughts, we anchor our attention to the lovingkindness phrases as we repeat them silently to ourselves.

Try the practice out and know that you can always create phrases that fit more comfortably for you and practise it on your own.

You don’t have to feel any particular emotion during the practice. Rather it is an INTENTION to orientate the mind towards kindness and compassion for ourselves and others.

The lovingkindness meditation is helpful when difficult emotions arise

by allowing our awareness to expand beyond our own small circle of existence. This gives us perspective, and opens us to the universality of suffering and reminds us we are not alone.

Breathe in lovingkindness for yourself, breathe out lovingkindness to others.

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