Day Thirteen

DAY 13: Dr Elise Bialylew interviews Mark Williams

Video Objectives

In today's video, you'll learn:

  • The research supporting mindfulness for depression prevention.
  • How mindfulness can help reduce depression.
  • Why a distracted, wandering mind is not a problem in your meditation practice.
  • How to create a lasting meditation habit.
About Mark Williams

Prefer to listen, rather than watch? Click the play button below to hear Elise's audio interview with Mark Williams.

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Your meditation for today


Body and Breath Meditation with Mark Williams (19 min)

Breathing Space Meditation with Mark Williams (3min)

BONUS meditation:

Nurturing Breath Meditation with Elise Bialylew

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Mindfulness of thoughts in everyday life

Mindfulness meditation isn't simply about putting aside 10 or 20 minutes a day to meditate and then being unmindful in the rest of your life.

It's a practice that we are training in, but which we want to bring into all moments of our lives.

Today, see if you can notice when you are getting lost in thoughts throughout the day, and label those moments with a mental note of: "Thinking, thinking.”

There is no need to judge the thoughts or try to change them - just notice them and, with your inner-voice, say, “Thinking, thinking.”

Today (and every other day!), see if you can notice where your attention is throughout the day. You will be strengthening your capacity to stay in the present moment and not get lost in worry and unhelpful thought loops. Just notice, and be aware.


Are you an incessant list-maker during meditation?

When you notice you’re in “doing” mode and feeling agitated or on edge, set a timer for three minutes before you meditate to brain dump and get your to-do list down on paper. This can give you a sense of greater freedom and mental space before you sit down to meditate. Once your meditation is finished, you can come back to your to-do list with increased calm and clarity.

If you’re active in the Facebook group, don’t forget to drop in today and share your experiences or insights, or comment on others’ posts. We are all in this together.

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