Relax and Open to Happiness

by Zoe Kanat

*click play to listen to the meditation or download it here.


Zoe Kanat is a qualified meditation teacher, mindfulness educator, trained Psychotherapist and Counsellor. Zoe currently facilitates meditation classes and workshops in various studios, corporate organisations and schools around Melbourne, and privately.  She is a tutor at Monash University, Department of General Practice, as part of the Health Enhancement Program led by Associate Professor Dr Craig Hassed.  Zoe is also deeply passionate about the art of relaxation, the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra and has spent several years personally and professionally practicing and studying in this area.  She is a qualified Yoga Nidra facilitator, specifically in The Daring to Rest Program developed by teacher and author, Karen Brody.  She has recently assumed a position on the board of Meditation Association of Australia, the national peak body representing meditation and mediation teachers.  Zoe is passionate about sharing the ancient practices of mindfulness and meditation in a direct and accessible way.


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