Day Twenty-eight


A day of reflection and contemplation

Congratulations on reaching the end of week four!

I hope you enjoyed the week of interviews and meditations…

To help you begin the process of transition here is a Mindful in May end of program reflection guide. 

Take some time to work through it and make sure you try out the “letter to my future self” exercise.

We have collectively raised over $148,000 for the cause and with every $50 bringing clean water to one person for life, that’s 2960 people whose lives will be transformed through access to clean, safe drinking water.

Here’s the direct link to make a donation to the cause if you still want to be part of the impact…

Here’s a link to our fundraising page where you can find all the amazing teams who are fundraising for the cause.

Each year we transform thousands of lives through the Mindful in May efforts. Have a look at this report by our partner charity: water which shows all the projects we have funded.

Mindful in May and our fundraising finishes on Friday June 7th at midnight AEST. This means access to the Mindful in May membership site (interviews and meditations) and the Facebook group also closes on June 7th.

So be sure to catch up on any content you may have missed, or if you’d love to continue the learning, come and join the 6-month Mind Life Project Membership program and get monthly live online guided meditations with me over the next 6 months and extended access to all of the Mindful in May content during those 6-months.

In case you missed it you can WIN one of 3 x FREE entries into the Mind Life Project membership

Simply create either a written testimonial or short video on your phone (30 seconds to 5 mins in length) outlining your Mindful in May experience by answering the question:

What did you most love about Mindful in May?

Submit it to us in order to go in the draw to win (NB. IMPT: these testimonials will be shared on the website and publicly).

Upload and post your video directly to our official Facebook page or Facebook group, or send it to us as a direct message on Instagram to enter. Be sure to leave your email so we can contact you.

Have fun with it, be bold and brave and you may just win one of 3 x FREE 6 month Mind Life Project memberships valued at $347 each (starts June 12th).

Winners will be contacted on May 31st (and refunded for the program, if already purchased).

You can register for the 6 month Mind Life Project program here.

Watch this short 3min video by the inspiring Alan Watts (a MIM favourite) – a sermon on living fully now.

Be Mindful after May
Continue your mindfulness journey for 6-months with guidance from Elise and extend your access to the Mindful in May program. Register before June 1st and save ~ $200.

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