Day Fourteen


A day for reflection and integration

Congratulations on reaching the halfway mark!


If you’ve made it here – take a moment to acknowledge your commitment. In this age of “busy” it’s a big win.

Today, visit the MEDITATION page below and choose one of the meditations from this week to repeat today to consolidate your learning and practice.

Download and print out this MIM half way reflection guide here and take a moment to reflect on your efforts so far, and re-connect with your intention.

Feel free to share any of your reflections from the week in the private MIM Facebook community. Just click the COMMUNITY button below.

As a global community our fundraising continues and so as you develop this life long skill of mindfulness, we are also contributing through our collective fundraising, to transform so many lives through the gift of clean, safe drinking water.

Today, when you sit to practise, take a moment to think about the thousands of people that are with you on this month of meditation and the thousands of people we are supporting, through raising funds to build water projects in Uganda.

Remember, that every $50AUD raised this May will bring clean water to one person for life… 

That’s a hugely significant contribution you can make to change someone’s life for the better. 

Let’s keep the fundraising going. 

If you haven’t donated and you’re not fundraising – check our your fellow MIM meditators who are and donate to one of them here.

Take a look at this report  that shows photos of the many projects we’ve built through previous campaigns. If you’re contributing to the cause this MIM, you will receive a report in about 18 months which shows exactly where your funds have gone.

stay on track

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