Day Seven

integration day

A day for reflection and integration

Congratulations on completing week one!

Take five minutes and reflect on these questions

  1. How was your effort this week?
  2. What got in the way of your practice (if anything)?
  3. What could you do differently next week to support your practice?

Share your reflections in the private Facebook group (click on community below to get there).

Remember your intention for signing up and write it down somewhere so that you can see it this coming week. The month is going to pass quickly, and this is your opportunity to commit to practising and experience the benefits that come with regular practice.

Today visit the MEDITATIONS page and choose whichever meditation you've enjoyed the most from this week and practice it again today. Notice how the guidance may be the same but each time you sit to meditate it's a different experience.

Don’t forget this campaign is all about doing something good for yourself and helping transform the lives of others. If you’re fundraising visit our media kit and  print out the posters to stick on the walls at your workplace.

Just like any skill you’re trying to master, you need to practice the same thing many times over in order to really integrate the learning.

If you want to become an expert musician you need to practice the same scales over and over so your fingers get better at managing increasingly complex music.

As you practice the same thing over, the brain starts to develop new neural pathways…

To develop better focus and greater self awareness through mindfulness, you need to get very familiar with the guided meditations so that they become second nature.

So today, you’re invited to choose any practice you received this week and try it again.  Notice how each time you sit to meditate, the inner landscape will be different even though the guidance may be the same.

Some days it’s calm, some days it’s so busy, you can barely stay focused for one breath.

Mindfulness meditation isn’t about creating any particular state of being, but rather becoming more aware of what is happening internally and externally from moment to moment.

In many ways mindfulness is really simple, but just like any skill it takes practise to master it.

stay on track

Share your reflections in the Facebook group


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