Day Twenty-one

A day for reflection and integration and what happens after May?

Congratulations on getting to the end of week three!

Together we have had such a powerful impact on the lives of thousands through the funds raised for clean water.

Can you believe there's just one more week to go?

If you're reading this and you've been meditating most days (or even better ALL days this month), take a moment and give yourself a serious pat on the back! It's a BRILLIANT EFFORT! You're well on your way to making this a life long habit that's going to support you through all the challenges we face as human beings, and bring more appreciation into your life as you remember to actually be present to the many joys and delights.

What happens after May?

Whether you have meditated every day, every few days or you're in here feeling terrible because somehow, life has COMPLETELY knocked you around and you've not meditated one single day.... No problem. 

Every moment is an opportunity to begin again - it's true. 

This is the key to bringing meditation into your life in a long-lasting way.

So today - visit the MEDITATION page below and choose any meditation to get back on track.

What happens after May? How do I keep my regular practice going?

The Mindful in May program officially finishes on May 31st,  with access to the online program available until Friday June 11th at midnight AEST.

However,  I’m excited to be able to offer you an opportunity to continue your mindfulness journey through joining the 6-month Mind Life Project membership program.

What is the 6-month Mind Life Project membership? 

It’s a 100% online, 6-month mindfulness follow up program that aims to sustain the benefits you have maintained through Mindful in May and support your ongoing practice, learning and growth. Learn more and register here (early bird before June 1st).

The program starts June 12th with your first email and when you join you’ll get:

6-month extended access to ALL Mindful in May content

Transcripts of ALL of the mindful in may video interviews

6 x monthly online live guided meditation session including Q & A time with Elise

Access to the private Facebook group (to share resources and remain part of a community the current Facebook group will close at the end of May and this group is more intimate).

Fortnightly reminder emails to keep you accountable and on track with your practice (we all know how easy it is to fall off track without support!)

A digital mindful recipe book to support you in mindful eating

A monthly online bookclub where you’ll receive book recommendations, book reflection guides and an opportunity to connect with others and share your collective learning

and more...

Read more about it here and join before Friday 31st May midnight AEST to get the special price and save $100!

Be Mindful after May
Continue your mindfulness journey for 6-months with guidance from Elise and extend your access to the Mindful in May program. Register before June 1st and save ~ $200.

WIN one of 3 x FREE entries into the Mind Life Project membership

Simply create either a written testimonial or short video on your phone (30 seconds to 5 mins in length) outlining your Mindful in May experience by answering the question:

What did you most love about Mindful in May?

Submit it to us in order to go in the draw to win (NB. IMPT: these testimonials will be shared on the website and publicly).

Upload and post your video directly to our official Facebook page or Facebook group, or send it to us as a direct message on Instagram to enter. Be sure to leave your email so we can contact you.

Have fun with it, be bold and brave and you may just win one of 3 x FREE 6 month Mind Life Project memberships valued at $347 each (starts June 12th).

Winners will be contacted on May 31st (and refunded for the program, if already purchased).

What do you do when you feel too agitated or wired to meditate?

Often when we don't feel like meditating it's because there is an underlying restlessness or agitation and we don't want to be still. Here are a few suggestions on managing this challenge.

Experiment with the above three options and see what is most supportive for you.

Let us know what you discover in the Facebook group.

stay on track

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