Gratitude Meditation

by Sacha Stewart

*click play to listen to the meditation or download it here.


Sacha Stewart is a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, qualified Kinesiologist, Mind Body Medicine Practitioner and Wellness Coach, running regular classes within Melbourne, including Happy Melon Studios and A-Space. She facilitates workshops for corporate businesses, creating programs for them to increase their teams wellbeing, and bring mindfulness into their daily lives. In addition she leads small groups, and private 1:1 classes for personal growth and development. She is accredited by Meditation Association of Australia.

Sacha is a teacher at Happy Melon Studios.

Get the mind right, the body will follow.

We believe mindfulness, movement and meditation is the key to living a happy and fulfilling life. Meditation and Mindfulness combine to form the foundation of Happy Melon. Simple mindfulness techniques, when practiced daily, have the power to transform our mental and physical wellbeing and positively impact the wider community. Join us for a complimentary meditation class in studio during the month of may to improve focus, enhance clarity, increase connectivity and reduce stress. Email [email protected] to claim your free meditation.


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