Foundations of mindfulness

In this video you’ll learn:

  • What is mindfulness
  • How mindfulness can support improved learning
  • The latest cutting edge research around the benefits of mindfulness
  • How mindfulness can help you get over your fears (including the fear of public speaking)
  • A personal story of how mindfulness helped transform Dr. Hassed’s life
  • Tips on creating a more mindful home
  • How mindfulness can help us be more effective in future planning
  • A new perspective on thinking and how mindfulness can help us manage the mind chatter and be less bullied by our minds

Dr Craig Hassed (MBBS, FRACGP) is a General Practitioner and senior lecturer at the Monash University Department of General Practice. His teaching, research and clinical interests involve mindfulness-based stress management, mind-body medicine, meditation, holistic healthcare, health promotion, complementary therapies and medical ethics. Craig has written and run courses on mindfulness-based therapies through Monash University, the RACGPs and other professionals groups since 1991. Monash is also the first university to introduce mindfulness training into the core medical undergraduate curriculum. He is regularly invited to speak in Australia and overseas on these issues, and has authored multiple books related to mindfulness and mind-body medicine.


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