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A meditation for developing more emotional balance by Timothea Goddard

Mindful Tip: The P.A.U.S.E

If you’ve been doing the daily meditation practice this month, you’re likely beginning to feel the benefits of developing a clear, present moment awareness, or mindfulness.

Remember, the point of the daily practice is to help develop this quality of awareness that ripples into every moment of your life, supporting greater richness in life and also wiser decision making.

As well as today’s guest meditation, try out this simple mindfulness in motion practice called The Mindful P.A.U.S.E that I created.

The mindful P.A.U.S.E is a simple yet powerful practice that reminds you to take a moment to re-centre and refocus so that you can respond to the demands of your day with awareness, rather than on automatic pilot.

Take a MINDFUL MOMENT and PAUSE  today:

  • P = Pause for a moment and interrupt your ‘automatic pilot’
  • A = Attend to the breath and locate the feeling of the breath in your body
  • U = Use the outbreath to let go of any tension in the body
  • S = Sense what is present. What you’re thinking, feeling, hearing, seeing?
  • E = Engage again with your activities

Try touching base with your breath during the day, and notice how you can choose to unhook from the stress of a moment by letting go of thinking, and bringing your attention to a few cycles of breathing.

I’ve found this to be a surprisingly powerful practice.

Set a few alarms on your phone throughout the day today with the reminder PAUSE and see what you notice.

About Timothea Goddard

Timothea Goddard is recognised as a pioneer in bringing MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) to Australia over the past 14 years and is certified with the Center for Mindfulness, UMass. Timothea has worked in private practice for 30 years as a psychotherapist, and educator, having trained in humanistic, psychodynamic and body-based psychotherapy.She is Director of Training with the Mindfulness Training Institute – Australia and New Zealand and in this capacity is driving excellence in the training of mindfulness teachers in the region.