meditation course for beginners-day4

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‘Listen to the silence, it has so much to say.’ 


Meditation didn’t initially come easily for me. One of the biggest challenges I had was dealing with boredom and restlessness.

As a driven and ambitious person, I sometimes felt that meditating was a waste of time, and wondered if anything was actually happening.

Have you felt this way too?

As it turns out, these obstacles to meditating are common and have been described by meditators for thousands of years in the ancient texts.

It takes a while to feel the benefits of the practice, and on some days you’re going to face thoughts that insist  ‘I’m too tired for this today,’ or, ‘I don’t think this is really helping me,’ or, ‘I’ll just do it tomorrow,’ or, ‘I’ve got some work I really need to get done.’

Be aware of these sabotaging thoughts, and commit to the practice in spite of them. Do the One Minute Meditation at the very least, to show that inner critic who's boss.

interesting science

Studies in the field of epigenetics demonstrate that it’s not simply the genes we inherit that determine our destinies.

We now know that our environment and lifestyle choices -including our diet, exercise and stress levels- can have a profound impact on which genes are turned on or off. Our ability to influence how our genes are expressed has a powerful impact on our well being and risks of getting a widen range of illnesses

The way in which they're expressed also has a powerful impact on our wellbeing, ranging from our risk of getting cancer to whether we will be overweight or suffer from depression.

We now know that our environment and lifestyle choices (including our diet, exercise and stress levels) can have a profound impact on which genes are turned on or off. 

MIM-–-Diagram (1)

You might look at this and think “What?! I only get to control 40%!” But think of it like this: no matter our makeup or life circumstances, that's a very large chunk of the pie where we have control. 

There’s been some exciting research showing that mindfulness meditation can positively impact the way certain genes are expressed. In one of the most groundbreaking studies, Richard Davidson demonstrated that just one day of mindfulness practice could reduce the expression of specific genes associated with inflammation in the body – a known risk factor for various chronic illnesses. This discovery has spiked the interest of even the most sceptical scientists. One day! You’re on day 4, so keep at it. 

take 18 minutes today to meditate

Remember that just as you need regular weight training or exercise to stay fit and strengthen the body, the brain needs regular strength training too. Each time you meditate you’re mind is becoming more resilient - so we’re ramping up today with a full 18 minutes to build strength in that mind of yours and get it fit. 

The meditation is called Miracle of the Body and you can find it below and as a download on Beginners Meditation Dashboard

Feel free to do it sitting upright or lying down, but try not to fall asleep as the purpose of mindfulness as a practice is to build focus, and for that, you need to be awake.

I’m excited to share part two of Kelly McGonical’s interview, watch below.

Once you’ve watched it, feel free to head over to our community on Facebook and share your thoughts. What was the biggest takeaway from watching the video? Did it shift any beliefs you hold about stress? Can you see ways in which it might improve your life?

Mindful Daily Tip

Wake up mindfully: when you first wake up tomorrow take a moment to consciously sense how you are feeling: Rested? Tired? Lazy? Energetic? Bring awareness to your body, and more specifically to the feeling of your breath. Before you do anything else (like check your phone!), count ten breaths as they move in and out of the body and make sure that as you are counting, you actually feel the sensations of the breath in your body, allowing your mind to be free from any concerns about the day to come. If you lose count and get distracted, simply begin again when you notice you’ve lost count. After counting the breaths, drop the counting and bring to mind three things you are grateful for in your life. Get out of bed and start your day with a positive attitude.

See you tomorrow.



P.S If you have been reading these emails but haven’t yet taken the time to meditate, don’t worry. Every day is a new day to create the life we want for ourselves, so just recommit now today and start with any meditation in the dashboard. Wherever you’re at right now is totally fine.