Day Twenty-eight


A day of reflection and contemplation

Want to extend your experience beyond August 2021?

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Congratulations on reaching the end of week four!


“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~ William James

I hope you enjoyed the week of interviews and meditations.

To help you begin the process of transition out of our month together, here is your Mindful in May End-of-Program Reflection Guide. Take some time to work through it and make sure you try out the “Letter To My Future Self” exercise.

We've had such an incredible impact and raised so much for the cause. With every $50 bringing clean water to one person for life, so many people's lives will be transformed through access to clean, safe drinking water.

If you haven't donated and you'd still like to be part of this impact, you can donate here now. Each year, we transform thousands of lives through the Mindful in May efforts. Have a look at this report by our partner, charity: water, which shows all the projects we have funded.

The Mindful in May Encore program and our fundraising close on Friday September 10th at midnight AEST. This means access to the Mindful in May Encore membership site (interviews and meditations) and the Facebook group also closes on September 10th, so be sure to catch up on any content you may have missed.

If you’d love to continue the learning, explore more advanced meditation and experience the benefits, come and join the 6-week Power of Presence membership I'm offering. You’ll get monthly live online guided meditations with me over the next 6 months and extended access to all of the Mindful in May Encore content until December. Register for the Power of Presence program here now.

Be Mindful after August
Continue your mindfulness journey for 6 weeks with guidance from Elise and extend your access to the Power of Presence program.

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