Day Fifteen

DAY 15: Dr Elise Bialylew interviews Daniel Goleman about the science of mindfulness and emotional intelligence

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Mind Life Project Bonus Content:

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Video Objectives

In this video you’ll learn:

  • The difference between a trait and a state, why that matters, and how meditation can support deep transformation
  • The latest powerful science supporting mindfulness and how it effects your brain and body
  • How meditation helps us modify stress 
  • How much meditation is required to see benefits
  • How meditation can support greater insights and creativity
About Daniel Goleman

Calming an anxious mind - 10 minutes

Guest Meditation by Mark Coleman

*** NO BELL AT THE END: He indicates the end of the meditation when he says "and as we bring this practice to a close knowing that you can use these skills..."

*click play to listen to the meditation

Mark Coleman is a senior teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre in California, and has taught insight meditation retreats since 1997 worldwide. Mark is passionate about nature and integrating meditation and natural world and leads wilderness retreats internationally through Awake in the Wild retreats. He is founder of the Mindfulness Institute and has brought mindfulness trainings, consulting and coaching to companies, healthcare and nonprofit organisations across North America. He is author of Awake in the Wild: Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self-Discovery and Make Peace With Your Mind - How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Help Free You From The Inner Critic.


A huge congratulations for getting this far. It's a real testament to your commitment and prioritisation of your own self care.

This is the week that people can often find the novelty wears off, so I encourage your to really re-connect with your intention for signing up to Mindful in May.

And of course remember... the key to a life long meditation practice is to know that as a human being, you WILL fall off track, but there is always the opportunity to begin again.

So be gentle with yourself, and keep going even if you miss a day here or there.


Are you an incessant list-maker during meditation?

When you notice you’re in ‘doing’ mode and feel agitated or on edge, set a timer for three minutes before you meditate to ‘brain dump’ and get your to-do list down on paper. This can give you a sense of greater freedom and mental space before you sit down to meditate. Of course your mind won’t necessarily stop planning, but it may reduce the intensity of the list-making and allow you to settle into the practice with ease. Once your meditation is finished you can come back to your to-do list with increased calm and clarity.

Let us know your biggest takeaway from today's video interview and what you observed in today's meditation in the Facebook group or on instagram. 

stay on track

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