Day Fourteen


A day for reflection and integration


Take a moment to acknowledge where you’re at at this point in Mindful in May.

Perhaps you’ve successfully meditated every day since May 1.

Maybe you’ve managed it three or four times a week.

Maybe you’ve haven’t done any meditations and you feel a bit disappointed about that.

Wherever you’re at, please take a moment to let go of any feelings or judgements you might have about your performance, and meet yourself in the here and now.

Today, visit the MEDITATION page below and choose one of the meditations from this week to repeat today to consolidate your learning and practice.

Download and print out the MIM mid-point reflection guide (red button below the video) and take a moment to reflect on your efforts so far. If you’ve fallen off track, this is a great time to revisit your intentions and reconnect to what you’d like to get out of the second half of this month.

The practice of meditation is the learned skill of returning one’s focus over and over again to the place where you intend for it to be. If you’ve fallen off track with your intentions, now is a great opportunity to return your attention to committing yourself to meditating for the coming weeks.

If you are participating with us on social media, feel free to share any of your reflections from the week in the private MIM Facebook community or on Instagram.

As a global community, our fundraising continues and so as we develop this life long skill of mindfulness, we are also contributing through our collective fundraising, to transform so many lives through the gift of clean, safe drinking water.

With Mother’s Day just passed, I wanted to share this beautiful little video with you from Charity: Water on how water changes the lives of mothers and their children.

Today, when you sit to practise, take a moment to think about the thousands of people that are meditating with you this month around the world, and the thousands of people we are supporting, through raising funds to build water projects in Ethiopia.

Remember, that every $50AUD raised this May will bring clean water to one person for life…

Let’s keep the fundraising going. If you haven't made a donation and you'd like to you can do so here. Share the donation page with your friends too!

To help keep you motivated for the coming week, we’ve put together another little book for you featuring quotes from this week, along with some key meditation tips.


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