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Terms and Conditions

Please review the terms and conditions below.

Affiliate Terms and Conditions

About Power of Presence

Power of Presence is a program offered by Mind Life Project which teaches participants how to meditate through a daily online program including video interviews and guided meditations with some of the leading mindfulness teachers from around the world. 


Registrations are open from 12 to 23 October 2022.  

Power of Presence registration costs:

$197AUD (early bird price until 21 October PM)

$297AUD (full price)

Please note registration is in AUD only.

Affiliate Program Overview

Affiliate Criteria:

  • More than 10k audience (or equivalent quality)
  • Values aligned with Mind Life Project
  • Have an appropriate amount of pre-existing content
  • Must not be a: 'Cash-back' or voucher sites (websites that offer rewards for buying goods through referral links); Price comparison sites; Advertising networks (online networks that sell or place advertisements); Sites using 'pop-ups' or 'pop-unders' (websites that launch 'pop-up' or hidden windows on users’ browsers);

We reserve the right to refuse affiliation to any person/outlet that does not meet the above criteria.

Here are some important points to note when becoming an affiliate.

  • We run on the industry-standard “last click cookie” system. Last click means that the affiliate link the customer clicked on LAST will get credit for the sale.
  • Your affiliate link is tracked through our system which you will also be able to view with your unique login.

Affiliate Materials

Link Sharing: You can find your unique links in the affiliate centre and you can share this with your friends and on social media and in your emails.

Affiliate sales

The affiliate sale for the Power of Presence program is 30% of the total price of the sale (ie. the registration fee). 

NB: GST for Australians is included in your affiliate commission. 

You will receive your affiliate commission once the program has finished in November - December 2022. 

We pay all commissions via PayPal in AUD.

** Please note if you are outside of Australia, and using a currency other than AUD the amount in your PayPal account may differ to the amount reflected in the Affiliate centre due to currency conversion.

Got questions?

We are here to support you in any way you need so please contact [email protected]  with any questions.